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88 reasons to love the NFL



The 88th NFL season is in full swing today. To celebrate, here's a look at 88 things I love about the league.
Dungy 1. Tony Dungy
2. Cheeseheads
3. NFL Films
4. Sudden death
5. Tailgating
6. The Steelers' emblem on only one side of their helmets
7. Soldier Field
8. Redskins vs. Cowboys
9. Gene Deckerhoff (enthusiastic whether Bucs are up by 20 or down by 20)
10. Chad Johnson. Seriously, this guy is a blast.
11. The charity of the Lions to continue to employ Matt Millen
12. Tom Brady
13. The Chargers' lightning bolt
14. Games can't be rained or snowed out.
15. Reggie Bush
16. The Hogettes in Washington. (Who was the first guy who said, "Hey, let’s wear dresses!'')
17. Philly fans booing everyone — even their own team
Rooney 18. Dan Rooney
19. Joe Horn's cell phone
20. Turkey with the Detroit Lions
21. Shared revenues (take notice, baseball)
22. The Swashbucklers (I guess they're now officially called the Bucs Cheerleaders)
23. Cowboys' Ring of Honor
24. John Madden and his own language
25. The fish taco at San Diego’s stadium
26. LaDainian Tomlinson
27. Steelers vs. Browns
28. Fox NFL Sunday
29. Bill Belichick. He's about as exciting as a cardboard box, but he can coach.
30. Chris Berman yelling, "Rumblin', bumblin', stumblin' '' on ESPN’s Primetime
31. A September snowstorm in Denver
32. The two-minute warning
33. Michael Vick isn't in it
34. "Upon further review … ''
35. Steve Smith
36. Peyton Manning commercials (Cut that meat! Cut that meat!)
Strahan 37. Michael Strahan's smile
38. Joe Gibbs. Come on, you got to like old Joe Gibbs.
39. Fans in Baltimore are still ticked about losing the Colts.
40. Terrell Owens, Warren Sapp and Randy Moss
41. San Francisco's Mike Nolan wears a suit just like his daddy.
42. One game a week
43. There's a Bill Bidwell to make every other owner look good.
44. NFL Sunday Ticket
45. Hines Ward throwing a block
46. Football can heal. Just ask the city of New Orleans.
47. John Lynch
48. Jon Gruden's scowl after a Bucs QB throws a pick
49. Brett Favre will start. No matter what.
50. Cleveland kept the nickname "Browns.''
51. A 60-year-old man sees it entirely appropriate to wear the jersey of a man half his age.
52. We can hope some team goes undefeated so those geezers from the 1972 Dolphins will go away.
53. Jets fans at the NFL draft
54. Every Super Bowl ring looks different. And really cool.
Brooks_3 55. Derrick Brooks
56. Temperature at Lambeau Field: minus-2
57. Pretty obvious, but still: the Super Bowl
58. That guy who dresses up like a Viking in Minnesota
59. Quick turnarounds. You can go 4-12 one year and 12-4 the next.
60. NFL Network (for the six people who get it)
61. The Cowboys' star
62. Warrick Dunn giving houses away
63. Chiefs vs. Raiders
64. Mack Strong (Seahawks fullback has best name in the NFL)
65. The horseshoe on the Colts helmet
66. The pirate ship
67. Fans without shirts in December at Buffalo
68. The Packers Hall of Fame (better than the Pro Football Hall of Fame)
69. Self-appointed Super Fans
70. Theme to Monday Night Football
71. The Bears' uniforms. Dark blue. White. Simple.
Hoffa 72. Jimmy Hoffa is buried underneath Giants Stadium.
73. HBO's Inside the NFL
74. Everyone watching at home is a coach.
75. Tedy Bruschi
76. The Terrible Towel
77. As bad as the Raiders are, that one guy still dresses like Darth Vader.
78. Two seconds left. Adam Vinatieri lining up.
79. A-Train whistle (please, Bucs, keep that thing going)
80. Packers vs. Bears
81. Saturday games late in the season
82. Roar of the crowd as the coach throws the red hanky
83. The crunch of dog biscuits in the end zone at Cleveland Stadium
84. Hail to the Redskins
85. Best stadium song: Welcome to the Jungle
86. Clevelanders still hate Art Modell
87. Everyone hates Al Davis
Harrison 88. Marvin Harrison

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