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Feaster The Hockey News ranked the NHL's general managers, and the Lightning's Jay Feaster came in at No. 30. That would put him ahead of only ... uh, nobody. That's right, the self-proclaimed bible of hockey calls Feaster the worst GM in the NHL. But I have a problem with this ranking. One of the criticisms is Feaster hasn't stocked the organization with young talent and it's kind of hard to argue that one. But the biggest criticism Feaster got from THN was struggling with the salary cap and loading up the payroll with three forwards -- Vinny Lecavalier, Marty St. Louis and Brad Richards. In fact, THN has regularly taken Feaster behind the woodshed for signing Richards to such a big contract.

Okay, now follow this: THN ranked Dallas co-GMs Brett Hull and Les Jackson in the top 10 specifically because they won trade day by acquiring Richards. Hull and Jackson get credit, THN said, because they stepped up and offered fair market value for Richards.

So, if I'm getting all this right, the Stars get credit for trading good value to get Richards, but Feaster gets no credit for acquiring good value for a player THN thinks shouldn't be in the organization in the first place? I don't understand. (Plus, the list lost all credibility when Toronto interim GM Cliff Fletcher was ranked 21st, for goodness sakes.)

Look, I'm no Feaster apologist, but I find it difficult to rank a GM who has won a Stanley Cup last among GMs, even if it is mostly based on the past year's work. Don't put him your top 10, fine. But last? That's a bit much.

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