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Could Bucs be candidate for relocation?

bucs.gifA Tampa Bay team a candidate for relocation and it's not the Rays?

According to the Web site "Opposing Views,'' Jayson Braddock is an NFL scout and NFL writer and on-air personality. In a column, he opines about which teams might be headed to Los Angeles and Toronto in future years. It's the usual suspects with Braddock saying the Jaguars, Chargers or Raiders could end up in L.A., while the Bills or Lions could end up in Toronto. Then, he throws in his "wild-card'' team -- the Bucs.

The Los Angeles Bucs? The Toronto Bucs? It seems like a major stretch, but he writes:

I wouldn't be surprised to see two of their franchises move out of state. At face value it appears that the young Buccaneers are finally turning it around, but then you realize that they play in the same division as the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons. Josh Freeman could very well be a top 10 quarterback in the NFL but Drew Brees and Matt Ryan are ranked higher than him on that list. The owner, Malcolm Glazer, seems more interested in spending money on his Manchester United Futbol team (I just threw up a little bit after calling soccer football), then his Bucs team. Then there are the character concerns we've talked about here on the site.

The Bucs became one of the first franchises to really take a player's character into  consideration before drafting or signing them. They have since abandoned that philosophy and this could lead to their demise. Aqib Talib is their premier cornerback and they may be forced to move him due to off the field issues, like shooting a gun at people. I strongly believe that this team is going to blow up overnight. You can't build a team with a bunch of players that have more mug shots than football cards. If Raheem Morris pulls off a deal for Nnamdi Asomugha and gets rid of Aqib Talib, then that may be Tampa's saving grace. After taking heat for their character guys, they did draft better human beings this year. Still, it's worth a follow to see how this team plays out.  I wouldn't be surprised to see this team head north, west, or on an extreme long shot, east across the pond. They are already scheduled to play a game in London, again this year, why not just stay there?  London Bucs?

That's what I'm reading between the lines. But, I'm sure that there are several fan bases out there holding up three fingers at me right now and telling me to read between the lines. Those same fans may need to put those three fingers back down and push that thumb up, cause you'll need a ride to Los Angeles or Toronto if you want to see your favorite team in a couple of years.

That's about the extent of the Bucs talk, but click here to read the entire column.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 11:43am]


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