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First Take has become sports version of The Sopranos

Maria Do the people who go on ESPN2's First Take realize that they are on television? (Okay, I'll wait while you make a joke about whether anyone watches First Take.) Anyway, three times recently, guests have dropped a Grade A curse words while on air. Entertainment reporter Maria Menounos is the latest. On Wednesday's show, Menounos said she likes to use Twitter while watching NBA games because there's a lot of "(expletive) talking.'' A couple of weeks back, former Lightning legendary (that's a joke) coach Barry Melrose used the same curse work, saying Canadians use "chicken (expletive)'' for skin care. Meantime, former Nets coach Lawrence Frank doubled up on his curse words, including the ace of all swear words (you know the one).

The aftermath is always the same. The hosts and whoever else is on camera get that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes followed by a nervous smile and laugh. Then comes the awkward on-air apology a few minutes later to "anyone who might have been offended.''

It seems like ESPN shouldn't have to remind guests that went that little red light on the camera is on they need to watch their language, but apparently they do. Either that, or maybe the show needs to go to a seven-second delay or something. Seriously. This doesn't happen on any other show. Once, maybe. But three times in a matter of weeks?

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:44pm]


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