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Giving thanks



It's Thanksgiving weekend, so what better time than to give thanks? Here's what all sports fans should be thankful for:

Vinny Vinny Lecavalier
For being the best hockey player in the world at the moment and an even better person off the ice for his work and money in fighting cancer.

Brad Richards
You shouldn't mention Lecavalier's work with pediatric cancer without mentioning Richards, whose tireless efforts go virtually unnoticed, but are just as rewarding to those he helps.

Joe Maddon
The Rays skipper sometimes drives us crazy with his optimism, but when you get down to it, it's not an act. He's just a heck of a nice guy.

Matt Grothe
The Bulls QB and his teammates have made USF relevant, not only locally, but nationally. This will go down as USF's landmark season.

Garcia_2 Jeff Garcia
For pretty much single-handedly making sure the Bucs are still playing meaningful games right now.

John Madden
For still being the best analyst in any sport.

Tiger Woods
For allowing all of us who have seen him play the ability to say we've seen the greatest golfer who has ever lived.

Roger Federer
For allowing all of us who have seen him play the ability to say we've seen the greatest tennis player who has ever lived.

Dickie_2 Dick Vitale
Not only for his charity work, but for getting us fired up to watch just about any college basketball game there is, even if it's a dog. You're a P-T-P'er, baaabeee.

Monte Kiffin
For reinventing the Bucs defense and once again proving (as if he needed to) that he's still one of the best football coaches in the world.

Bill Belichick
Yep, be thankful for the crusty, stone-faced coach. He is giving Patriots fans the season of their lives and giving the rest of us someone to hate.

Stu Sternberg
New uniforms, new name, new logo and talk of a new stadium. Hey, at least the Rays owner is trying.

Peyton Manning
For his commercials. Come on, even Pats fans have to love 'em.

Pena Carlos Pena
The Rays slugger for not only a season worth a few MVP votes, but for doing it with humility and class.

Classy college coaches
We're talking Bowden, JoePa and Coach K — guys who prove you can run a clean program, still win, produce productive members to society, graduate players and do it all with class.

Classy pro coaches
We're talking Francona, Dungy and Popovich — guys who prove you can be nice and still win. And that you can do it with class.

Derrick Brooks
For yet another solid season in what has been an incredible career. Let's just retire his number now, shall we?

ESPN's College GameDay
For being the best weekly sports program there is.

Brit Brittany Lincicome
For giving local golf fans someone to root for — and for making us proud to root for her.

Pat Summitt
You do realize, don't you, that we are witness to one of the greatest coaches in any sport and any time?

The jerks
A-Rod, T.O., Bonds. In every cowboy movie, you have to have guys wearing black hats. The black hats make the whole thing worth watching.

Espo Phil Esposito
For entertaining oohs and ahhs and wows while doing analysis on Lightning radio. And, don't forget, there would be no such thing as Lightning radio because there would be no such thing as the Lightning without this guy.

UF-FSU, Yanks-Sox, Ohio State-Michigan, Auburn-Alabama, Leafs-Canadiens, Tiger-Lefty, Pats-Colts, Duke-Carolina, Gordon-Junior and all the others. Rivalries might just be the best thing there is about sports.

Florida-Florida State
For giving us, regardless of the records, what remains the best rivalry in the state.
For giving us the most wickedly funny Web site about sports. Come to think of it, it's the funniest Web site period.

For giving sports junkies their daily fix. How did we survive before ESPN? Scary to even think about, isn't it?

For continuing to make the best sports documentaries in the business.

Youth coaches
For giving their time to give kids something positive to do, and maybe helping one of them become the next LeBron, Jeter or Brady.

The phrases
Walkoff homer, one-timer … and one, you da man. Yep, we're simple. We're thankful for the little things.

The next time
No matter if your team wins or loses, there’s always tomorrow, next week or next season.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:41pm]


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