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Bowden Doesn't this Bobby Bowden thing smell a little rotten?

First, he gets a contract extension. But it's not the standard two- or three- or five-year deal. It's one year. Then the Noles wait like eight seconds before saying who the next head coach is going to be: Jimbo Fisher. It's like having a house guest for dinner and saying, "Hey no need to rush off, here's your coat.''

Have you ever heard of such a thing? The last time I did was when Johnny Carson was shoved out of the Tonight Show chair for Jay Leno. And that was a mess. So is this. This is FSU's way of shoving Bowden, the guy who put FSU football on the map, out of the door. That's what a seven-win season and a trip to the Music City Bowl gets you. I personally think Bowden should coach until he's 120 if he wants.

But back to the point: You're telling me that Jimbo Fisher is so good that FSU just had to lock him away right now? Come on, this is Florida State. It's still one of the best jobs in the country. Seriously, other than Florida's Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel at Ohio State, Pete Carroll at USC, Joe Paterno, of course, and maybe Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, there isn't a coach in the country who wouldn't at least listen if FSU called. And that includes NFL coaches.

Yet Jimbo Fisher, who didn't exactly light it up with FSU this season and has never been a head coach at this level, is so hot you can't afford to let him go?

My gut tells me this has little to do with Fisher and a lot to do with Bowden. It's not that FSU really wants Fisher. It no longer wants Bowden. That's what it smells like, anyway.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:41pm]


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