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Golf is just getting silly



Another golfer disqualified because some guy sitting at home noticed he broke a rule. And what rule did Padraig Harrington break? He was DQ'd from the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship on Friday after he failed to replace a ball that had moved a fraction of an inch when he picked up his marker during the opening round. Harrington was in second place after shooting a 65 on Thursday. A television viewer e-mailed European Tour officials to report an infraction. Under European Tour rules, the ball must be replaced if the coin causes it to move. A failure to do so results in a two-stroke penalty, and Harrington was disqualified for signing the wrong score after putting down a 3. Okay, enough. This is where golf needs to stop taking itself so seriously. Yes, Harrington's ball moved slightly, but come on, did he really gain an advantage? Golf people, of course, are sticklers for this junk and will say that anyone who disagrees with their rules don't understand the game. They'll say that even Harrington agreed with the punishment. But I still say this is the sort of thing that makes golf look stupid. At the very worst, make him take a penalty stroke, but don't kick him out of a tournament for signing a wrong scorecard when he obviously didn't know he was signing an incorrect score. See, people, the object of rules is to make sure people are playing fairly and not gaining clear advantages. They aren't put in place to kick people out of tournaments for things such as this.

[Last modified: Friday, January 21, 2011 6:04pm]


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