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Great fan beatdowns

Taser As you might have heard by now, a 17-year-old fan ran out on the field Monday night at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park during the Cards-Phillies game and was brought down by a police officer's Taser. Come on, that seems like cheating, kind of like fishing with dynamite, don't you think? It makes you long for the days when security and athletes used their bare hands to stop runaway fans. Here's a look back at some memorable fan beatdowns, starting with the incident in the City of High Voltage  Brotherly Love on Monday.

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The 17-year-old Phillies fan Tased on Monday is a high school senior named Steve Consalvi. According to Consalvi’s dad, Wayne, Consalvi called his dad during the game and said, “Dad, can I run on the field?’’ Wayne told him, “I don’t think you should, son.’’ But Steve said it “would be a once-in-a-liftetime experience.’’ Turns out, he was exactly right. Consalvi has been charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and defiant trespass, but you get the feeling he will become a cult hero in Philly.

During a 2005 Steelers-Browns game in Cleveland, a fan danced onto the field in the fourth quarter and had a serious lapse in judgment when he turned his back on Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who picked up the fan and body-slammed him like it was Monday Night Raw. Steelers tackle Max Starks told reporters, "He made the mistake of taunting James. That's the wrong guy on our entire team that you do that do. He got what he deserved.''

If you're going to taunt one of the toughest players in NHL history, you better be sure the glass between you and him is sturdy. During a 2001 game in Philadelphia, a Flyers fan leaned over the penalty box to take a swipe at Toronto tough guy Tie Domi after Domi squirted some water on hecklers. Imagine the panic in the fan when the glass gave way and the fan fell into the little box with Domi. Fortunately, Domi didn't go all out, but he did manage to get in a couple of punches. The fan was ejected and Domi was fined by the NHL.

James Miller was known as Fan Man and used to literally parachute into sporting events. During a 1993 heavyweight fight between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield on the Las Vegas strip, Miller crashed into the ropes during the seventh round and was immediately attacked by fans and security. He later joked, "It was a heavyweight fight and I was the only guy who got knocked out.'' Sadly, Miller died from what was ruled a suicide in 2003.

Sometimes the fans don't come to the players. Sometimes the players go to the fans. In a scene straight out of Slap Shot, old-time Bruins defenseman Mike Milbury once went into the crowd to beat a fan with the fan’s own shoe. But the most infamous fan beatdown in the stands came during the Malice at the Palace — the 2004 brawl between the Pacers and Pistons outside of Detroit. Indiana’s Ron Artest led the charge into the crowd and when it was done, nine fans were injured, two went to the hospital, five were arrested and 10 players were suspended, including Artest for 86 games.

Bonus clip of Mike Milbury beating a sap with a shoe ...

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