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Greatest scandals in sports history



tonya.The 2011 World Almanac and Book of Facts has listed its picks for the 10 greatest scandals in sports history. You gotta love the World Almanac, don't you? Where else can you find the population of Peru, every major Academy Award winner ever and the names of Rosie Ruiz, Jeff Gillooly and Ron Artest all in the same book? Anyway, when you think about it, it's not easy to list the 10 greatest scandals in sports history, but this list is hard to argue.

The list, in order:

1. Too Little, Too Late. After the 1912 Olympics, Jim Thorpe was discovered to have played semipro baseball, meaning he wasn't an amateur athlete when he competed in the Stockholm Games. His records were erased from the Olympic record book, although later restored.

2. Say It Ain't So. The 1919 Black Sox scandal when it was believed members of the Chicago White Sox were bribed to throw the World Series.

3. Ali vs. the U.S. Army. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali and his refusal to being inducted into the Army to serve in Vietnam.

4. Rosie's Ruse. In 1980, an unknown named Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon, but the theory was she actually jumped into the race close to the finish line.

5. The Hand of God. In the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup, Argentina's Diego Maradona clearly punched the ball into the net and Argentina went on to beat England, 2-1. Five years ago, Maradona finally admitted what the replays clearly showed: he intentionally used his hand to score.

6. The Ice Storm. The Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan scandal of 1994 when Harding's husband and a friend (and, perhaps, Harding, too) plotted to physically attack Kerrigan so that Harding could win the U.S. Championships.

artest.7. Bite Nite. The 1997 heavyweight title bout when Mike Tyson was disqualified for biting off a chunk of champion Evander Holyfield's ear.

8. A Losing Bet. The discovery that Reds legend and baseball's all-time hit king, Pete Rose, had bet on baseball while he was manager of the Reds.

9. Tour de Farce. The 2006 Tour de France was won by American Floyd Landis, but he was stripped of his title after he tested positive for a banned substance.

10. The Basketbrawl. The infamous Malice at the Palace when a fight broke out on the court between the Pacers and Pistons. Ron Artest and several Pacers teammates raced into the stands to attack fans.

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