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Greatest TV show ever ends tonight

Law The greatest television show in the history of television ends tonight. You heard me right. Law & Order is the greatest show ever and I'll tell you why. You could pick out any single show during its amazing 20-year run, show it to someone who had never seen the show before and they would not only be able to follow along, but they would be totally entertained. That's why the show does so well on re-runs. You didn't have to watch it in order and follow along week-to-week like NYPD Blue or Hill Street Blues. If you missed an episode, you didn't have to play catch up. On Law & Order, you didn't have to know the characters' back story because the show rarely went home with the characters. You only saw the police and attorneys while they were on the clock. It was a simple formula: cops arrive on the scene of a crime, they investigate, turn it over to the district attorney and there's a trial. Sometimes the suspect goes to jail and sometimes they get off.

In addition, using its "ripped from the headlines'' approach, the show occasionally ventured into the world of sports. Law & Order had episodes dealing with the youth hockey parents starting a brawl that resulted in a death, horse drugging, athletes and gambling and a Tonya Harding-themed storyline. Tonight's series finale also has an appearance by Olympic ski star Lindsay Vonn.

So, while many out there will be watching the Rays-Red Sox tonight, or the Magic-Celtics or Canadiens-Flyers, I'll be watching Law & Order. The best TV show ever. And there's no way I can do this post without including the classic theme song.

[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 3:17pm]


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