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Gruden's selective memory



Gruden Leave it to Jon Gruden to come up with the line of the day. During a conference call with the media for ESPN, Gruden was asked who had the final say in the Bucs draft war room during his days as coach. Gruden cracked, "I can't remember anything that happened in Tampa except for Super Bowl XXXVII.''

Click below and read after the jump for some of the other (and more serious) answers Gruden and ESPN partner Ron Jaworski had to say about the upcoming NFL draft, including more thoughts on Tim Tebow and how high to draft a defensive tackle -- something the Bucs could do with the third pick.

Gruden on the new three-day format of the draft ...
"I don't think it will be dramatically different until the first round is over. You might see more trades to start the second round. I think you’ll see a little more aggressiveness, possibly some more trades at the start of Day 2 and Day 3. I like the idea of the format, the way it was, but that first round felt like three weeks at the end of the day. ... I can see with what's at stake, what a commodity these first-round draft choices are to take a break after the first round and reconvene in the morning after they've had a chance to think things over.''

Gruden on Tim Tebow ...
"This a very complex unbelievable kid. ... He is a guy I would like my sons to be like, off the field. His commitments to what he believes in are very real. He's very focused and passionate about his beliefs, and it doesn't waiver. I think that's a very hard to find attribute that he has. I don't think he has a lot of interests other than his faith, his family and football, but when you get behind the scenes of what he really knows and believes about those things, there's a lot to it. There are a lot of branches that go in a lot of directions. This is a very exciting guy to have in your locker room.''

Tebow Jaworski on Tim Tebow ...
"When I talk about quarterbacks I believe you have to throw with accuracy and velocity and those are two areas that Tim Tebow has to work on. But I'm also smart enough to know that some of the finest quarterbacks in this league had flaws in their game when they came into the league with accuracy and velocity. You can talk about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. They didn't have fire-balling arms, but they came in and they worked hard at it, lifted weights and got bigger and stronger. ... By eye discipline and constant repetition you can become a more accurate passer. Those are flaws that Tim has in his game right now, but he's a guy that everyone knows will work harder and longer at getting better at it. I think the key is going to be where he goes. Does he go to a system where he can sit back and learn behind a veteran quarterback? I believe if he's put on the field early it will be a mistake. ... I think Tim clearly needs that time to develop the fundamentals and the mechanics necessary to be consistently good in the NFL.''

Gruden on defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy and how the position should be drafted…
When you really look at it, there are some concerns whether that defensive tackle can come in and electrify your fans and your football team --- like Warren Sapp. I think these two guys are outstanding talents, no question. They're different kinds of players. Suh plays with his hands. He's more of a two-gap player on the line of scrimmage, reminds me a little of Richard Seymour from the Patriots. McCoy is more of a classic one-gap defensive tackle, a lot like Tommie Harris, who came out of Oklahoma a few years earlier. You have to take a look at what you need. Quality big people are hard to find to play on every down. If you take one of these guys, he better be an every down guy that can rush the passer and impact your football team in the fourth quarter. I don't want some guy who's only going to play 26 snaps a game. I want a guy who can play 55 or 60 snaps, potentially, a game.''

Crompton Jaworski on the possible sleeper in this year's draft ...
"Jonathan Crompton (Tennessee). I know there are some people that really like him and some don't have him getting drafted. To me, I'm looking for that sleeper guy and the next Tom Brady. The guy people aren't talking about but shows some real upside.… Very fluid with his movement. Can make all the throws. Has good pocket mobility. What I like as a quarterback is that (he) throws with great balance. To be a consistently accurate NFL quarterback you have to have rock solid mechanics. That jumped out at me.''

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