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How mad was March Madness?



final.One of the wildest NCAA Tournaments in recent memory ended with, perhaps, the worst-ever NCAA final Monday night as UConn outlasted Butler, 53-41. Still, this tournament featured a slew of upsets and unlikely Final Four participants. Just how mad was March Madness? Well, if it had been college football, last night's final would have been between Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois. That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which put together the college football equivalent of this year's NCAA basketball tournament. The paper ranked last season's college football teams 1 through 64 and put them into a bracket. The paper then played out the football "tournament'' in the exact same manner as the basketball tournament. So, for example, Butler's upset of top seed Pitt in the basketball tournament was the equivalent of Northern Illinois beating Stanford in a football tournament.

In the end, the Wall Street Journal's football tournament meant no No. 1  seeds (Auburn, TCU, Stanford, Oregon) or No. 2 seeds (Ohio State, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma) made the Final Four of the football tournament. Instead, the football Final Four had Virginia Tech (which was equal to UConn), Northern Illinois (which was Butler), Air Force (the equivalent of VCU) and Oklahoma State (which was equal to Kentucky).

Click here to see the Wall Street Journal's interesting and entertaining story and bracket.

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 11:04am]


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