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So, if we get involved in another war and Sweden  joins our side and everybody from both countries has to fight, remind me to stay away from Annika Sorenstam when it's time to pick fox-hole partners.

Let's review. Last week, Michelle Wie quit after the 16th hole of a tournament which was hosted by Sorenstam, complaining of a wrist injury that dates back to February. Had she finished bogey-bogey, she would've shot an 88 and because she is not an official LPGA player, that would've meant a ban for the rest of the year. Was she really hurt? Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly you can't blame her for pulling out with her season (not to mention all the endorsements) on the line. I would've done it. So would you.

But Sorenstam went out of her way to rip into Wie -- essentially calling her a cheater -- despite having absolutely no proof that Wie was faking. It's true that Wie spent the next day hitting buckets and buckets of balls on the driving range. And, yeah, the 88 rule probably had a lot to do with Wie pulling out. And, yeah, Wie definitely should've realized how it looked to be "grinding'' (as Sorenstam called it) on the range the next day.

The thing is Sorenstam should've had a fellow player's back. But Wie is the hot kid on the tour, and I think Sorenstam simply comes off as jealous and classless. A few years from now, Wie is going to own the women's tour. She will be the women's equivalent of Tiger Woods. And about that time Sorenstam's game likely will be fading. There might be a day when Sorenstam needs Wie to back her. If I were Annika, I wouldn't count on it.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:40pm]


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