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More cowbell? Not for some



CowbellOne of Tropicana Field's biggest traditions might be doing more harm than good. It could be that the cowbell is keeping some fans from attending games.

Here's a letter we received at the Timesfrom a reader named "R. Garcia'' from Valrico. Garcia writes: "I'm a lifelong Baseball fan. I'd love to attend a lot of games in person but I'll only go to one this year. Why? Because I can't enjoy a game while surrounded by idiots constantly clanging cowbells. They have no place at a major league baseball game. REAL fans don't need obnoxious, artificial noise makers to show their enthusiasm. Instead of buying Rays tickets, I'll just enjoy watching baseball from the comfort of my own home instead.''

This letter isn't an isolated one and far from the only complaint we've heard about the cowbells. The tradition started when owner Stu Sternberg saw a Saturday Night Live clip about a rock band using "more cowbell'' for one of their hits. The tradition took off during the Rays' 2008 World Series run, but lately there has been a backlash ... at least from some corners. Seeing as how area fans have found enough excuses to not attend Rays games, you would hate to think that some have found another reason not to go.

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