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Motor City sad to see Yzerman go

Yzerman Fans in Detroit are sad to see Steve Yzerman leave the Red Wings for Tampa Bay. Here's a sampling of some of the reader comments on the Detroit Free-Press story announcing Yzerman is taking the Lightning's general manager job:

Stevie Y, we will miss you!! Best of luck in your future endeavors. Even if they are in Florida.

Instead of saddness we should be thankful....after all he is going to a team in the east.

I hate to see Stevie Y leave the Wings, but I must say "congrats'' and I know he'll do a good job. I just hope not too good of job, Red Wings wise.... lol.... As a Red Wings fan, I will always consider Stevie as part of the Red Wings family.


For some reason, this (ticks) me off. I want what's best for Stevie, but he should be in our front-office forever.

Look out! it happened like we knew it would. Steve Yzerman has gone to manage another team. He has one of the best minds, not to mention sets of experience, in the game. Get indoors for the storm coming over the next few years because the Lightning will be hitting hard.

A bittersweet day. I have very few heroes but Stevie Y is definitely one of them. He deserves this opportunity and I wish him the best of luck. But it's still sad to know he's leaving us. The guy is awesome and he's a part of some of my greatest sports memories. We were lucky to have him. I know what my 2nd fave team is now.

I seriously thought I was going to cry when I read this -- shocked is another word -- but like everyone else I wish Stevie and his family only the best always. Love you Stevie!!! And boy will we miss you too!! Gosh does this means I have to start watching the Lightning? Blahhhhh.

I can't imagine saying anything negative about Steve Yzerman. He will always be a Red Wing. And I wish him the best of luck down in Tampa. He'll do a superlative job, just as he always has with the Wings.

Hate to see you go Stevie! Doesn't matter who wears the "C'' on their jersey, you will be always be the captain of the Red Wings! Good Luck in Tampa...never thought I would say this but if we can't win the Cup I hope the Lightning do.

[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 3:17pm]


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