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NFL puts the screws to Major League Baseball



Goodell With the release of its schedule on Tuesday, the NFL told Major League Baseball to ... well, I can't exactly say what. Put it this way, the NFL kicked sand in baseball's face by scheduling a marquee game at the same time as a potential World Series game. Baseball, obviously, hasn't set a schedule yet for the World Series, but there's a decent chance that a World Series game will be played on Sunday, Oct. 31. If there is, the World Series will go up against a nationally-televised Sunday Night Football game between the defending-champion Saints and the high-profile Steelers.

In years past, the NFL has not scheduled games against the World Series.

According to report, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, "The rationale is that Sunday Night Football has become a staple. People want to watch football for the entire season. We didn't feel like it was appropriate to take it off anymore. ... We felt like it was best to continue on with that great franchise (Sunday Night Football) every night of the season and allow the consumer to be able to choose whether they want to watch Sunday Night Football or the World Series.''

True, the consumer can decide, but this is still a lousy thing for the NFL to do. Just because it can be a bully doesn't mean it has to be a bully. So while the NFL proves it is mightier than the World Series (and, it will -- watch, the Saints-Steelers game will get better TV ratings if it goes against a World Series game), the American sports fan is the one hurt here as he has to chose which game to watch in full.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:44pm]


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