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Phillies' fan rips Tampa Bay



phillies.jpgHere's a nice way for you to start your day -- catching grief from a Phillies fan. Here's a letter I received this morning directed at Rays fans:

As a Philadelphian and supporter of the Phillies as well as a season ticket holder, I am dismayed that the Rays clinch a playoff berth and the attendance is 17,891 of 36,973. Now you have to give away 20,000 tickets to fill the stadium. What a disgrace. Perhaps your city should take advice from the Philadelphia Phillies supporters who fill the stadium every game, an average of 45,000.
Bill Pulaski
Philadelphia, PA

First off, Bill, you're dismayed? What do you care? Aren't there more things in life to be dismayed about than baseball attendance in a city 900 miles from where you live?

Anyway, it is true that Rays fans don't support the team in person as strongly as the Phillies fans do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Phillies have been around since 1883, while the Rays have been around since 1998. Or maybe it's because the Phillies' market draws from about 6-million people, while the Tampa Bay market has around 2.2-million. Or maybe it's because most of those 6-million in the Philly area are from Philly, while most of the 2.2-million around here are from somewhere else. Or maybe it's because the Phillies have their swanky new ballpark. Or maybe Phillies fans are just more devoted than Rays fans.

Anyway, Mr. Pulaski suggests you take advice from Phillies' supporters, although I'm assuming he means the part about showing up for games and not the part about throwing beer on opposing fans, running on the field until your Tasedthrowing up on each other or generally being considered the rudest sports fans in the world.

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