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Philly fans classy as always

Flyers Pat Hickey is a sports writer for the Montreal Gazette and one of the true gentlemen among sports writers. He covers the Montreal Canadiens and found out first-hand how brutal Philly fans can be. After covering Game 1 of the Flyers-Canadiens series Sunday night, Hickey found his car in the parking lot had been severely vandalized: a slashed tire, broken hubcap, beer poured on the windows and his Quebec license plate stolen. This wasn't some rent-a-car. This was Hickey's personal car -- a 1999 Honda Accord with 365,000 miles on it. He's a regular Joe, doing his job and some drunken clowns thought this was funny ... how? Here's a story about the incident.

Are Philly fans born idiots or do they learn it in school? And the problem is many Philly fans seem to enjoy their reputation for behaving this way. This isn't the first time fans in Philadelphia have acted like jerks. They booed Michael Irvin's neck injury, pelted J.D. Drew with garbage and batteries and, in the most infamous case in these parts, vulgarly harassed Rays family and friends during the 2008 World Series. Those are just a few examples.

True, Hickey said many Philly fans were kind to him after the game Sunday, but if I asked you to name which sports city was most likely to vandalize a car of what they thought was an opposing team's fan, Philly would be the top of most lists.

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