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Please put cell phones, keys and guns on the belt



Clint I missed this story when it came out. But last month St. Bonaventure baseball coach, a guy named Larry Sudbrook, was arrested for trying to carry a .357 magnum onto a commercial airplane. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty and received a $1,000 fine and forfeited the weapon.

The magistrate said Sudbrook's mistake was "mind-boggling,'' but added, "I'm firmly convinced, based on your background, that it was the result of human error.''

Human error? Human error? Human error is when lock your keys in your car or don't close the refrigerator door all the way. It's not trying to CARRY A .357 MAGNUM ONTO A PLANE. I'm not 100 percent positive, but I think you weren't even allowed to do that pre-9/11.

Sudbrook was on his way to a three-game series against Charlotte (yikes, Charlotte must be a big rival if you have to pack heat). Sudbrook, who has been the Bonnies coach for 22 years, is a hunter and gun collector and said he was using a bag three weeks earlier and forgot to take it out. Which begs the question, where did he go three weeks earlier?

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