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Ireland It's fairly typical for NFL teams to ask tough questions of draft prospects in interviews leading up to the draft. Usually the point is to rattle the prospect, to see how he handles pressure, to see how he reacts to adversity. Sometimes it's to gather as much information about a prospect's character as possible. But did Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland cross the line when he asked Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant if Bryant's mother was a prostitute? Bryant's mother has had issues with drugs and served jail time for selling crack. Yahoo! Sports broke the story about Ireland's question on Tuesday and you can read it here.

Ireland has since apologized publicly and to Bryant. (You can read about his apology here.) And, the South Florida Sun Sentinel sort of defended Ireland's question, which you can read here.

Bryant Understandably, teams want as much information about a draft pick when you're talking about investing millions of dollars. And Bryant's family background is worth questioning. But, asking someone if their mother is a prostitute seems beyond the bounds of decency. Isn't there a way to get that information without directly asking such a question? And what kind of answer would've satisfied the Dolphins?If their concerns about Bryant's mother were so great, perhaps it would have been best for Miami to simply avoid Bryant from the start and not put him through such embarrassing questioning.

In the end, the Dolphins passed on Bryant, trading back in the first round, moving out of the 12th overall pick to 29th. The Cowboys took Bryant with the 24th pick.

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