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Reasons to like the Red Sox



Wednesday's Two Cents ...

Lee_3 The list
The last time the Red Sox were in town, I poked a stick into the beehive that is Red Sox Nation by listing 10 reasons to hate the Red Sox. Why 10 reasons? Because we didn't have room to list 20. (By the way, No. 11 on the list would have been: Because Red Sox fans can't take a joke.) Anyway, there are a few things about the Red Sox that are okay. So, in the interest of fairness, here are 10 things about the Red Sox and their history that are cool:
1. Bill "Spaceman'' Lee. The ace of the Cosmic All-Stars pitching rotation.
2. Fenway Park. Still the best digs in baseball.
3. Terry Francona. Sox skippers seems like a decent enough fella.
4. Jerry Remy. One of the better TV analysts in baseball. Should be on Fox's Game of the Week.
5. Fans take the game seriously. (Maybe a little too seriously, but at least they go to games.)
6. Actually, I'm going to have to stop here because that's all I can think of. Sorry.

Ref E-mail of the day
NFL referee Ed Hochuli is getting bombarded with e-mails from angry Chargers fans after he blew a call that helped the Broncos beat San Diego on Sunday. Hochuli ruled an incomplete pass on a play during which Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler fumbled and the Chargers recovered, leading by seven in the final minute. Denver scored a touchdown two plays later then won the game on a two-point conversion. Anyway, here's the e-mail Hochuli sent to many of the fans who are writing him to complain:

I'm getting hundreds of e-mails -- hate mail -- but I'm responding to it all. People deserve a response. You can rest assured that nothing anyone can say can make me feel worse than I already feel about my mistake on the fumble play. You have no idea. … Affecting the outcome of a game is a devastating feeling. Officials strive for perfection -- I failed miserably. Although it does no good to say it, I am very, very sorry.
Ed Hochuli

Maybe instead of peppering Hochuli with e-mails, the Chargers fans should be writing their team complaining about losing two games by giving up last-minute touchdowns.

Junior_2 Word of the day
And today's word, boys and girls, is "awesomeness.'' That's the word Dale Earnhardt Jr. used to describe what winning NASCAR's Chase for the Cup would mean to him.

"It would improve my overall awesomeness,'' Junior said. Nice word.

"Yeah. I worked on greatness for a while, but I tapped it out,’’ Junior said.

What do you care?
This is not to defend the Rays' support this season, or lack thereof. The Tampa Bay market should be embarrassed by this season's attendance. But it still kind of rankles us when outsiders take swipes at us, such as Steve Buckley, the otherwise fine columnist from the Boston Herald, who wrote, "Now it's time for MLB to take care of another disaster: The so-called Tampa-St. Petersburg 'baseball market.' Seriously, if the plucky, exciting Tampa Bay Rays make the playoffs, shouldn't their games be moved to a place where fans actually care about the product?''

I thought I would just throw this out there. Led by rookie sensations Fred Lynn and Jim Rice, the Red Sox made the playoffs in 1975 for the first time in eight years. Know what their average attendance was that season for the plucky, exciting Red Sox? 21,857. Or exactly 7,915 fewer people than attended Monday night's Sox-Rays game. And was anyone suggesting playoff games be moved out of Fenway in 1975?

There are reasons to doubt this market, but let's give it more than one winning season before we start suggesting moving playoff games, don't you think?

Tony Unnecessary apology of the day
ESPN's Monday Night Football marked the start of the NFL's celebration to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. So after the Cowboys' Felix Jones ran back a kickoff for a touchdown, ESPN aired a replay of the Spanish-language call of the run. Analyst Tony Kornheiser said, "I took high school Spanish and that either means, 'Nobody is going to touch him' or 'Could you pick up my dry cleaning in the morning.' It's one of those two.''

Then in the fourth quarter, Kornheiser apologized, saying, "I said something before I shouldn't have said. I apologize for it. Not my first mistake. Undoubtedly, it won't be my last, but a 100 percent apology.''

The apology wasn't necessary because there was nothing offensive about the comment. Tony K wasn't making fun of anyone except for himself for having not learned Spanish in high school. File this under: No Big Deal.

Three things that popped into my head
1. USF quarterback Matt Grothe was on the Jim Rome radio show Tuesday. He plays quarterback a tad better than he sounds on radio.
2. Let's say the Oakland Raiders eventually fire coach Lane Kiffin. Does anyone even want that job anymore? Would you?
3. It still seems so strange that the Bucs have started (and have a quarterback controversy), that the Lightning opened training camp with new coach Barry Melrose and that we have a nationally ranked college football team at USF … and the Rays, in September, are the story of the day. 

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