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Something doesn't look quite right



Seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr. standing in front of a Hendrick Motorsports banner was just … weird. Weird as in strange. Weird as in something’s not quite right. Weird as in rub your eyes, blink and look again because you can’t really believe what you’re seeing. But it’s hardly the first time we’ve seen such strange sights. Remember these?

Gretzky_5 Wayne Gretzky with the Kings.

Montana Joe Montana with the Chiefs.

Clemens_2  Roger Clemens with the Blue Jays.

Lynch John Lynch with the Broncos.

Jordan_2  Michael Jordan with the Wizards.

Emmitt Emmitt Smith with the Cardinals.

Shaq Shaquille O'Neal with the Heat.

Best of the rest: Pete Rose with the Expos. Tom Glavine with the Mets. Phil Esposito with the Rangers. Carlton Fisk with the White Sox (even though he played more games with the Chisox than Bosox.) And Warren Sapp with the Raiders (actually, that makes perfect sense).

Also, we have our collection of guys limping to the end of their careers in a strange city: Joe Namath (Rams), O.J. Simpson (49ers), Johnny Unitas (Chargers), Franco Harris (Seahawks), Willie Mays (Mets), Hank Aaron (Brewers) and Jerry Rice (Raiders, Seahawks). And then there are coaches like Steve Spurrier, who doesn't look normal in anything but a Gators visor, and Bob Knight, who looks out of place in anything but an Indiana sweater.

There must be more. Who am I missing?

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