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Stan Van Gundy not happy ... again



Don't you just love Magic coach Stan Van Gundy? Every time you see him, he looks like he's running five minutes late for a meeting, and his car didn't start this morning, and the neighbor's dog barking kept him up half the night and the wife is all over him about fixing that gutter on the side of the house and the kids .. and the dry cleaning ... and the ...

If Van Gundy isn't complaining then he's not breathing. But he has a good point regarding his latest complaint: the NBA playoffs are too dang long. The Magic-Bobcats series started Sunday. Game two was Wednesday night and game three isn't until Saturday.

"Baseball gets their whole playoffs and World Series done in like three weeks,'' Van Gundy said. "Us, it takes us the first round to go three weeks.''

Van Gundy appreciates that TV pays the bills and sets the schedule, but he's right that the first round should go a lot quicker.

"It's not the perfect schedule, but we all make a lot of money off TV and so for us to look at it and start griping about what we get from TV -- we're all making money because of TV and because of the people out there that want to watch it. So we'll spread them out and we'll play them when they tell us to play them.''

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:44pm]


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