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Tebow continues world domination



Bronco Look at the logo at the left. Is it a Gators logo? A Broncos logo? It's both. This is what Tim Tebow can do. The Gators-turned-Broncos quarterback is starting logos! Click here to check out a Web site called BroncoGator Gear. It clearly states that this is not real. The author writes:

Lest anyone think otherwise, BroncoGator is not an actual logo and there is NOT an NFL or an NCAA football team called BroncoGator. BroncoGator is an original/copyrighted artwork by the artist NIK and is a parody of the Denver Broncos and Florida Gators logos. I in no way intend to confuse the public with this artwork; it is not sanctioned or endorsed by either the NFL or the NCAA or any individual organizations. As is my right as an American, it is this artist's way to freely express himself in a humorous fashion and to show support for one player; Tim Tebow. I have chosen to make my artwork available to likeminded people and the public at large through what the courts have held to be a common and acceptable way to satire and parody, through print on tee-shirts and other garments. ENJOY!

Okay, so it's not real. But it's fun.

[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 3:17pm]


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