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Peyton So now we're down to four teams in the NFL playoffs. Two are not a surprise: the Patriots and Packers. Two are: the Giants and Chargers. And now I've added the Indianapolis Colts to the list of teams I don't like.

Why? They messed up next week. Come on, you can't beat the Chargers? A Chargers team missing key players? At home? After a week off? And so now we're going to have to sit through the Patriots crushing the Chargers next week. Hey, give San Diego credit. It deserved to win, especially after having to beat the referees, too. But the Colts were the only team that had a crack at beating New England. The Chargers won't. No way. No chance. I'm not sure the Colts would have. But at least they believed they could've won. They weren't going to get rattled if they fell behind 7-0 or 10-0 or even 14-0. San Diego is going to have to play a perfect game. And even then, it might not be enough.

Speaking of the Colts, as much as I hate to say it, but once again, a Tony Dungy-coached team loses a playoff game it shouldn't have. Just like two years ago when they lost to the Steelers at home, the Colts lost to a team they simply have to beat. And now think about it. Throw out last year, and Dungy is 3-5 in the playoffs with the Colts. And he was 2-4 with the Bucs. That's 5-9, mostly with teams that should've done better.

Romo Meantime, I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago because I had ranked Tony Romo sixth among playoff quarterbacks. "Too low'' the e-mail said. You know what? It was too high. Until the guy wins a playoff game, I don't want to hear how he is an elite quarterback. It's like commercial says, "A quarterback is defined by what he does in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.''

In the NFC Championship, the Packers will be favored, but there's something about the Giants, don't you think? Right now, something is telling me to pick the Giants to beat the Packers. Not that it matters because the Patriots could beat an all-star team made up of the Chargers, Giants and Packers.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:41pm]


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