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Three things that popped into my head



leyland.1. I've interviewed Tigers manager Jim Leyland, but I can't say that I know him personally. However, I find it very hard to believe that he would intentionally spit on an umpire, as umpire Marty Foster claims happened during Monday night's Rays-Tigers game.

2. There's a tradition in the NFL of hazing rookies. Usually it involves making the rookies sing or carry a veteran's pads. Yes, it's silly and stupid and immature, but it goes on at every level of football from high school to the pros and it builds team unity and hammers home to the rookies that everyone -- including first-round draft picks -- needs to know his place and commit to the team. Well, Cowboys' first-round pick Dez Bryant doesn't see it that way. He refused to carry the pads of veteran receiver Roy Williams. Bryant already came into camp with questions about his attitude and this didn't help. Asking Bryant to carry pads wasn't meant to be disrespectful or to degrade Bryant. But his refusal does seem to mean that he thinks he is above the traditions of the Cowboys and the NFL. Bryant must have (or should have) known that his refusal would cause an uproar and wouldn't it have just been easier (and better for the TEAM) to just lug some equipment for a minute or two?

3. I'm all for taking shots at Southern Cal football coach Lane Kiffin, especially after Kiffin's latest misstep -- stealing away a coach from the Tennessee Titans staff without first asking permission from Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. As soon as it went down, Fisher publicly admonished Kiffin and that's all well and good. But now the Titans are suing Kiffin and it's the Titans who are coming off as whiners. Just let it go. You don't need a lawsuit to let everyone know Kiffin is a knucklehead.

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