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Van Gundy's good idea

Jeff ABC/ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy, certainly among the top five pound-for-pound sports analysts on television, wants the NBA to change the rules so it takes a player seven fouls to foul out of a game. Actually, what he really wants is for players to have an unlimited number of fouls and never foul out. But he's willing to settle for a seven-foul rule. He might be onto something. How many times do we see a player pick up a couple of cheap fouls early in the first quarter and then have to sit for the next quarter-and-a-half?

Quoted by AOL Fanhouse, Van Gundy said, "Because no one came here to watch who's in foul trouble. ... I think it's one of the problems with basketball in general. In football they don't say three holding calls and you're out, in baseball they don't say two errors and you're out. I just think it's bizarre that we would want our best players to be sitting out. Especially because I think it would take a lot of burden off of the officials, too. Because if they make a poor call now it can really have an impact on the game, but if there were more fouls, at least that one foul wouldn't dramatically change things.''

[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 3:17pm]


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