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We didn't forget about you, Angel

Hernandez Maybe umpire Angel Hernandez thought he was going to get away free-and-clear today, seeing as how he blew a call on the same night as umpire Jim Joyce made one of the worst calls in the history of sports, costing Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game. It's kind of like breaking a nice dinner plate on the same day your spouse slams the car into the garage door. But, nope Angel, we noticed your bum call Wednesday night that, fortunately for everyone, didn't impact the outcome. And we also noticed how you didn't own up to your mistake.

One night after not granting timeout to Rays' first baseman Carlos Pena and then ejecting Rays manager Joe Maddon and Blue Jays pitcher Kevin Gregg, Hernandez called Tampa Bay's Sean Rodriguez out for missing third base on his way to scoring an apparent run even though replays clearly showed Rodriguez touched the bag.

You could make the argument that Hernandez's call was worse than Joyce's blown call. On the Joyce call, it was a bang-bang play at first with the runner and the pitcher and the ball all racing to first base. There was a lot of stuff going on at once. But the Hernadez call was simple. Did the guy touch the base or not? And if you say he didn't, don't you have to be absolutely, positively, no-question-at-all sure? And how can you be absolutely, positive, no-question-about-it sure when replays showed that half of Rodriguez's foot hit the bag?

Rodriguez did hit the base awkwardly. He didn't land on it like you're taught or even like he probably wanted to land it. But, bottom line is he did land on it. And Hernandez missed the call. What's even worse was that Hernandez, unlike Joyce, wouldn't admit his mistake. Times baseball writer Marc Topkin reported that Hernandez told a pool reporter after the game: "I have no comment. The guy missed the bag.''

Maybe Hernandez can learn a lesson from Joyce. Both made bad calls Wednesday night, but at least one admitted it.

[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 3:17pm]


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