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Which beer is your team?



ellie.jpgIf the Rays were a beer, which beer would they be? Thanks to the Jetpacks & Halftime Snacks blog, we now know:

Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale

Beers were assigned based on a team's current roster and not on the region where the beer is produced.

Here is what the blog says about the Rays:

When one thinks of a new up-and-coming baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays usually come to mind. When one thinks of one of the new up-and-coming breweries Avery is typically just about at the top of the list. Ellie’s Brown Ale is sweet and nutty and really just a fun, drinkable beer. The Rays are a young team filled with future superstars (who hopefully won’t end up leaving for Boston or New York) that over the past few years have been a very fun and entertaining team to watch. Those who have watched the Rays typically like the Rays and those that have tried Ellie’s Brown find it virtually impossible to resist. It’s magnetism or maybe mind-warping!!!

The Yankees, by the way, are Bud Light/Budweiser and the Red Sox Samuel Adams Boston Lager (shocking, I know).

See what beers were assigned to other teams here.

[Last modified: Monday, August 2, 2010 2:23pm]


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