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Who will be the next Yankees manager?



Torre_3   So Joe Torre turned the Yankees insulting one-year offer to return as manager of the Yankees. Spin it any way you want, but the Yankees (read: George Steinbrenner) fixed it so Torre would not return as manager. The Boss knew Torre would not accept a one-year deal. So, what happens now? Who will be the Yankees next manager?

Don Mattingly
Considered the favorite even though he has never managed before — not even a Little League game. But if he approaches managing like he did playing, he should be a good bench boss. Already on the staff, he is familiar and respected.

Joe Girardi
Was manager of the year at Florida in his only season as an MLB manager, but then got fired. That only lends credence to his reputation of someone who is hard to get along with. But maybe the Yankees need a bad cop for a while.

Larussa Tony LaRussa
A big enough name to satisfy the media and the fans and has a proven track. He seems a restless kind and it appears he's pretty much over his time in St. Louis. He's ready for a change.

Bobby Valentine
Has worked in New York with the Mets, so he knows how to deal with the media. (Don't underestimate how critical that is to this job.) He’s had some success in Japan and might bring a fresh perspective to the Yankees.

Lou Lou Piniella
You know deep down this was Steinbrenner's first choice all along. Lou appears tied up the Cubs, but where there's money and a will, there's a way.

Paul O'Neill
Do you realize the Yankees haven't won a World Series since he left the team? He's a broadcaster with the Yankees now, so he knows the organization. Simply put: this guy's a winner.

Larry Bowa
The Yankees third-base coach is one of those guys you love to hate. He'd probably rub some Yankees the wrong way, but maybe some Yankees need to be rubbed the wrong way.

Dave Miley
He has experience at the Major League level with the Reds. He manages the Yanks' Triple-A team. And he's a Tampa guy. (He went to Chamberlain.) That's good enough for me.

Turturro John Turturro
He did a heck of a job playing Billy Martin in The Bronx Is Burning. And, after all, Martin still might be the all-time favorite Yankees manager.

Roger Clemens
Maybe if we would become manager we wouldn't have to listen to months of annoying talk about whether he's retiring or not. Quite frankly, I'd love for him to get a new cellphone so he can hear his wife telling to quit already.

Willie Randolph
Randolph is really a Yankees guy, having spent most of his career in blue pinstripes. His stock was probably higher a few weeks ago before his Mets gagged away a playoff spot.

Derek Jeter
We haven't had a player-manager since Pete Rose, so why not Jeter? He's already captain, the fans love him and he's a smart guy.

Our surprise candidate
Who has the respect of the players? Who knows how to handle the media scrutiny? Who can deal with the egos of the Yankee players and the arrogance of the Yankees owner? Who has a proven track record? There's a perfect guy for this job. His name is Joe Torre.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:41pm]


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