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Why I hate the Yankees, Part I of many



Yankees I got an e-mail from a guy in Spring Hill today who looked at my picture in the paper and saw what he described as a "half-beard'' and decided I was just a punk. He figures I wear baseball caps backwards and wear my jeans halfway down my rear and listen to that God-forsaken "Rap-and-Roll'' music. Mostly, though, from what I can tell, he is angry because I take shots at the Yankees every now and then. Honestly, other than taking a few cracks at A-Rod lately for hanging out with an ex-stripper whom he isn't married to (and he IS married) and maybe rolling my eyes over Roger Clemens coming out of retirement for the 87th time, I can't really remember writing anything that showed my disdain for the Yankees.

But I'll admit it. I don't like the Yankees. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to be happy.

I like Joe Torre, but hate how he wears a watch and drinks bottled water on the bench. I respect Derek Jeter, but I hate how he's always on the top step of the dugout after someone hits a home run because I secretly believe he just wants to be seen as a "team'' guy. I hate how Jeter jumps out of the batter's box like he's brushed back even if the pitch is over the the black of plate. I hate how A-Rod yells at an infielder who is trying to catch a pop-up. I hate how the Yankees are on every single Game of the Week. I hate that they sign a big-name player and if doesn't work out, they just go sign another big-name player. I hate how Jason Giambi essentially admits to steroid use, but he's a "good guy,'' while Barry Bonds is a considered a cheater.

Is it because they win? Of course. No one hates the Arizona Cardinals or Kansas City Royals ... or the Devil Rays, for that matter, because they never win. They never break hearts -- well, except those of their own fans.

But, mostly, I hate the Yankees because of their fans. They're obnoxious when the Yankees win, full of excuses when they lose and, most of all, think you're an idiot or must have some secret agenda if you dare say you hate the Yankees. And, I should mention, I'm not a Red Sox fan. I'm starting to hate them, too.

Can't I just hate the Yankees because I feel like it? And if I want to, shouldn't I be allowed?

I have to go now and download more Rap-and-Roll songs into my iPod.

[Last modified: Monday, June 14, 2010 2:40pm]


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