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"You don't insult the fan base''



rays.It's really remarkable how quickly and far this Rays' attendance story has spread. The comments of Evan Longoria and David Price are not only a hot topic locally, but nationally. Here's yet another take, this one from Yahoo Sports baseball blogger David Brown on the "Big League Stew'' blog. He nails it when he writes:

No matter their good intentions, no matter their honesty, no matter if they have reason to be upset -- even if they were 1000 percent correct -- what Longoria and Price did was a mistake. It's a cardinal rule: You don't criticize your fan base. It's stupid. It's ignorant. It won't get you what you want. It makes you look entitled, spoiled, narrow-minded and short-sighted.

He goes on to write:

There are many reasons the Rays lag at 22nd overall in attendance. Start with: Bad stadium, bad location of stadium, bad economy. There's more. It's all irrelevant to Longoria and Price criticizing the fans.

It's just bad policy, scolding people for not paying their own money to watch you.

It's as if Longoria and Price are saying, "Well, I'd pay to watch us play. What's wrong with you?"

Longoria and Price might like to think of themselves as Joe Averages, but it's just not the case when it comes to money. You know what? Not even that matters, if you're a player.

Here's what you say after a reporter asks you about poor attendance:

"I'm grateful for the fans who do come, who watch on TV, who listen on the radio and who keep track of us on the Internet. Thank you."

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[Last modified: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 4:17pm]


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