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Robert Trigaux

Census: Florida still a top migration magnet for states from Georgia to Alaska



Fort-De-Sotolaracerri.jpgWake up and good morning. Good news for the weary Sunshine State. Florida is tied with California and Texas for top honors as America’s strongest population magnets. Each is the top destination for movers from six other states. So says a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, which released 2007-08 migration data collected by its annual American Community Survey. It identifies the states that attract the greatest number of movers from other states. (Photo: Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, by Lara Cerri of the St. Petersburg Times.)

Here's how this survey works. Florida was the top destination of any state for people moving from these six states: Alaska (10,734 moved here; think people want a change of lifestyle up there?), Georgia (47,089 moved  here; hey, you're practically in Florida, anyway), Massachusetts (15,203 moved here; enough with those staggering taxes), Michigan (19,062 moved  here; even Florida's 11.7 percent unemployment rate looks good compared to Michigan's), New York (57,995 moved here; and you thought Massachusetts had high taxes) and Ohio (23,501 moved here; that rust belt just isn't shedding much rust).

Florida was the No. 2 destination state for folks moving from Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Virginia.

Yes, we know Florida suffered a hiccup in migration patterns during the worst of the recession. But it still managed to top the list with California and Texas as the No. 1 pick for folks moving from six states. 

Here are the other top "magnet" states and those states from which they draw the most people:

California (6): Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas and Washington.

Texas (6): Arkansas, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Minnesota (3): North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Virginia (3): Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia.

Washington (3): Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

And where did the folks leaving Florida choose to go? In 2008, here are Floridians' top 10 destinations: Georgia was tops (49,921 went there), then North Carolina (42,729 went there), then Texas (40,763), then New York (33,961), then Tennessee (23,598), then Virginia (23,316), then California (23,036), then Alabama (20,118), then Pennsylvania (18,380), and then South Carolina (16,638).

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-- Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist



[Last modified: Monday, October 11, 2010 7:40am]


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