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Robert Trigaux

Job hunter Vuturo plays dual-citizenship card



Mattvuturo Tampa's Michael Vuturo, one of eight professionals sharing their thoughts on job hunting on the Wall Street Journal blog Laid Off and  Looking (subscription required), is still prowling for work. Vuturo, 27 and armed with an MBA, worked as a strategic planning manager in Tampa at VR Mergers & Acquisitions, a firm for mid-market companies, before losing his position in January 2008. I'm keeping up with his own postings here because he's a local guy. Some of his experiences of looking for work may prove helpful to the growing number of folks who are out of work.

We've written about Vuturo's posts (here's our last posting about it on Jan. 9) since he began blogging late last year. Since the 9th, Vuturo's blogged on Jan. 21 about the pros and cons of Internet job boards. His advice: job boards Monster and CareerBuilder offer automated searches to report who is hiring, while SimplyHired and Indeed are aggregators. These last two sites, says Vuturo:

"strengthen the cornerstone of daily searches by providing breadth and depth that other external boards don’t. I’ve also found that most of these job listings are linked to internal career Web sites so I can apply directly and even see other opportunities of interest."

Vuturo posted on his WSJ blog on Feb. 6 indicating he was exploring overseas options -- for a special reason. Writes Vuturo:

"As luck would have it, a little over a year ago, my family discovered that we are eligible by law to obtain dual citizenship with Italy. We began the process (it has been about 12 months, with another six to go) for the sheer purpose of having dual citizenship. The realization of a deep recession was far off anyone’s radar back then.

"But now I want this so I can explore employment options throughout the European Union freely, and hopefully make myself a more valuable asset in the eyes of a domestic corporation. Obviously, companies value candidates with the breadth of international experience. I think it also demonstrates adaptability and versatility."

Keep in mind that anyone blogging on the well read Wall Street Journal Web site, even on a blog, attracts plenty of readers. Half the value of Vuturo's postings is the advice and commentary contained in the heavy volume of comments Vuturo has received. Take a look. You might find something helpful in your own search or for someone you know who's on the job hunt.

-- Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist

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