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Robert Trigaux

Millionaires, schmillionaires: Florida's home to 3,526 'ultra-wealthy' residents



Wake up and good morning. Sure, Florida's long been as "where the boys are" and plain old millionaires are nearly a dime a dozen these days. But Florida's also not a bad place to find the "ultra-wealthy" -- folks worth $30 million or more -- either. So says a new report from a wealth advisory/research firm called Wealth-X which says Florida ranks fourth among states in the number of super-rich residents who claim primary residence here. In all, there 3,526 ultra-wealthy Floridians, behind California (9,872), New York (7,327) and Texas (5,283) but ahead of Illinois (2,446), Michigan (1,533) and Pennsylvania (1,515).

According to Wealth-X, of the nearly 55,000 ultra-high-net-worth individuals living in the U.S., more than half keep their primary residence in just five states. On the other hand, with the exception of Alaska, Delaware and North Dakota, all states have more than 100 ultra-high-net-worth residents. Here's more from the Wealth-X white paper.

"There are actually pockets of wealth in states that most people wouldn't normally think of," Matthew Miller, chief of research at Wealth-X, told Robert Frank, a Wall Street Journal reporter who blogs The Wealth Report. Story here.

-- Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist

[Last modified: Friday, December 17, 2010 6:42am]


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