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Robert Trigaux

Part 4: Tampa job hunter's quest for work



MattVuturoWSJblog Tampa's Michael Vuturo is still on the job hunt. If you've followed his job searching tale at the Laid off and Looking blog that appears on the Wall Street Journal Web site (subscription required), you'll know he is one of eight professionals sharing their thoughts on job hunting. This Ventureblog has also tracked the postings and musings of Vuturo, a man in his late 20's with an MBA degree who was laid off in early 2008, because his experience and ideas may prove helpful to others in the same boat or, alas, soon to join that crew.

The last time we touched on Vuturo was in a Feb. 16 posting here. He's posted twice since then on the Laid off and Looking blog, the first one on Feb. 23 talking about potential opportunities in the field of green energy, and the second and most recent one about trying to cut through the clutter and actually hand-deliver -- in person! -- a resume to a decision maker in a business. He was icily rebuffed at an ad agency but learned some people try to make an impression numerous times at a firm before they are allowed in just to chat. Concluded Vuturo:  "If that’s the new standard, I’ve not been meeting the bar."

Since then, he's had a bit better luck, adding:

"Since then, I’ve hand delivered my resume several times with success, most recently at a boutique investment bank. I’d say people are receptive about 50% of the time. In the sea of Internet applicants, it does seem to help me stand out. My resume is physically in their hands, doesn’t require them to print it, and takes away the ability to simply delete it from an email inbox." 

If you have access to Vuturo's own posting, check out the comments. Dropping resumes off in person is more controversial than you might think. Still, kudos to Vuturo for making such an effort and generating some pretty good dialog and job tips in a really rough market.

-- Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist

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