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Robert Trigaux

Report: Florida job openings vary wildly by city



Unemployed In this wretched period of spiking unemployment, some cities are better than others in employment opportunity. A new report by the search engine Indeed says the best city in which to find a job is Washington, D.C. No surprise here given the federal job bloat. Washington boasts six job postings for every unemployed person.

Oddly, Jacksonville is No. 2 and, along with Washington are the only cities on Indeed's list in which job postings actually outnumber the unemployed. Jacksonville?

The Indeed list ranks the 50 most populous U.S. cities by the ratio of job postings to unemployed citizens. Here's the complete top 10 - and examples of some other cities' respective ratios:

1. Washington, DC (6:1) -- Again, this means six job openings per unemployed person.
2. Jacksonville, FL (3:1)
3. Baltimore, MD (1:1)
4. Salt Lake City, UT (1:2)
5. New York, NY (1:2)
6. San Jose, CA (1:2)
7. Hartford, CT (1:2)
8. Oklahoma City, OK (1:3)
9. Austin, TX (1:3)
10. Boston, MA (1:3)

In a tie at 1:5 -- five unemployed per one job opening -- are such cities as Tampa, Dallas and Charlotte, NC, 

In a tie at 1:6 -- six unemployed per one job opening -- are cities like Orlando, Sacramento, Rochester.

Way down the list -- No. 49 of 50 -- is Miami at a dreadful (1:10). But Detroit (1:18) is in a world of its own at No. 50, with 18 unemployed reported for every job opening.

I'm a bit skeptical that Florida is home to cities with such wildly different ratios. And, of course, this list does not account for the kinds of jobs being used in the calculations.

-- Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist

[Last modified: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 11:25am]


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