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Robert Trigaux

Tracking Vuturo on his hunt for work in Tampa



Let's catch up with Matthew Vuturo, an out-of-work MBA looking for a good-fitting job in Tampa after losing his position in January 2008 as a strategic planning manager at Tampa's VR Mergers & Acquisitions, a firm for mid-market companies. Vuturo caught our eye because he's local and chronicling his look for work on the Wall Street Journal's Laid Off and Looking blog, which tracks eight people with MBAs as "they search for jobs in a post-meltdown world." Here's the latest blog entry by Vuturo, though you need a subscription to the Journal Web site to read it. (Picture shows Vuturo, 27, as depicted on the Journal blog.)

Mattvuturowsjblog We introduced you to Matthew and his situation in a blog posting here last week. In his latest posting, he laments the inability to attract any management attention or interest while he worked part-time at night at FedEx while he continued to pursue daytime job hunts. At least he finds a bright side:

"Though the opportunity with FedEx didn’t ultimately provide me what I was looking for, it was still an opportunity. At the very least it provided me with alternate options while I continued searching for an ideal position. The job showed me that sometimes it’s necessary to test the waters outside your comfort zone."

Key advice. We'll hear more from Vuturo, and we'll give highlights of his job quest here in the coming weeks -- assuming he continues to post on the Laid Off and Looking blog site. What is just as interesting in his Dec. 17 posting is the content and volume of responding readers who contribute their suggestions, personal stories (and personal shots) and lamentations about the search for decent work now.  Stay tuned.

--Robert Trigaux, Times Business Columnist

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