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Robert Trigaux

Which Florida county is tops in home ownership? Housing insights from Census Bureau




Above: Home ownership declined. But the nation's homeownership rate is still the second highest on record, behind only 2000.

Wake up and good morning. So which Florida county boasts the highest rate of homeownership? Read on.

The Census Bureau just released data that show the rate of home ownership in the United States fell in the last decade by the largest amount since the Great Depression, even though the percentage of Americans who own their home remains the second-highest on record. Read the entire Census Bureau report here.

The Census info also sheds some interesting tidbits about Florida housing. A sampler:

* Among the metropolitan areas with the ten highest homeownership rates, three were located in Florida: Punta Gorda (79.7 percent), Palm Coast (76.6 percent) and Ocala (76.3 percent).

* Nine of the 50 states had gross vacancy rates greater than 15 percent in 2010. Three were located in the Northeast (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire), three in the South (Florida, South Carolina, Delaware), and three in the West (Arizona, Alaska, Montana). All nine but South Carolina had a higher-than-average proportion of vacant units classified as “Vacant—for seasonal, recreational, and occasional use” in 2010.

* Of those states with the most vacant units classified for seasonal, recreational, and occasional, Florida was the clear leader with 657,000.

* Following South Carolina, the top five states with the highest rental vacancy rates were Florida (13.2 percent), Nevada (13.0 percent), Arizona (12.9 percent), and Georgia (12.3 percent).

* Nationwide, counties with the highest homeownership rates were Keweenaw County, MI (89.8 percent); Sumter County, FL (89.7 percent); Alcona County, MI (89.6 percent); Morgan County, UT (89.1 percent); and Powhatan County, VA (88.5 percent).

-- Robert Trigaux, Business Columnist, St. Petersburg Times

[Last modified: Friday, October 7, 2011 6:13am]


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