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4 Signs You're Not Ready to Sell Your Home



By Sally Deneen

Selling a home can be emotional and sometimes sellers think they're ready to sell but they're not. That ultimately can hinder finding a buyer or force the seller to lower the sale price since the seller isn't putting their best foot forward, advises real estate agent Brendon DeSimone.

Here are four signs you're not ready to sell:

If you don’t have a new home to move into or a plan for what you'll do once you sell, then it’s not a good time to list your home for sale, DeSimone says.

"Sellers without a real and concrete plan are not serious sellers, but only opportunistic," he said.

Did you interview several agents before signing a listing agreement? If your agent suggested making changes to the home to make it appealing to buyers, did you follow through? If not, you're probably not a serious seller, DeSimone suggests.

"That’s OK; it happens to a lot of people," he points out. Yet, he says going on the market without putting your best foot forward "will result in a lower selling price on your home."

It helps to study the local real estate market to make sure your asking price isn't out of line. Make sure to review your home’s details – as well as the competition before pricing it and putting it on the market.

"If you go on the market over-priced, with poor listing photos, cluttered rooms, outlandish paint on the walls and toys sprawled all over the place, you’re not ready to sell," DeSimone says.

Setting too high of an asking price likely will do more harm than good – your home will sit on the market longer, forcing you to drop the asking price, he says. That can stigmatize the home in the eyes of potential buyers.

The median home value in the Tampa area stood at $156,100 in February, which is up 11.7 percent in the last year.

[Last modified: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 7:00pm]


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