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Coastal, Midwest Cities Among the Safest, Report Shows



By Natalie Wise

Mid-size cities and suburbs are often touted as safer than cities. Even still, crime exists and mid-size cities aren’t without property crimes and violent crime. So how do the mid-size cities stack up against each other? The website Movoto compiled a list of the 10 Safest Mid-Size Cities.

The ranking looked at the number of total crimes per 100,000 residents, using FBI crime data from 2013. The data was then divided into violent crimes and property crimes, and how likely residents are to find themselves victims of a crime.

The safest mid-size city is Glendale, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles. The odds of being a victim of a crime in Glendale are 1 in 102, and the odds of being a victim of a violent crime are just 1 in 1,462.

Santa Clarita, another California city, is the 2nd safest. Santa Clarita has fewer total crimes than Glendale, but a higher number of violent crimes, keeping it in the No. 2 spot.

Sunnyvale, also in California and a suburb of San Jose, ranks No. 3, and has a relatively high number of property crimes each year, even though residents only have a 1 in 98 chance of being involved in any crime. Residents of the No. 4 city, Naperville, Ill., outside of Chicago, also have a 1 in 98 chance of being involved in a crime overall.

Residents of Cary, N.C., the No. 5 city, are the least likely to be the victim of a violent crime, with odds at 1 in 1,844.

Back to California for No. 6 with Thousand Oaks, a safe city with 1 in 85 odds of being a victim of any crime. While Oxnard, California, No. 7, has the second-highest rate of violent crime of the cities on this list, it has a 1 in 98 chance of being a victim of any crime.

Auroria, Ill., also near Chicago, may have the highest rate of violent crime of the cities on the list (odds of 1 in 623 for being involved in a violent crime), the overall chances of being a victim of any crime are 1 in 89.

The final two safest mid-size cities are also in California: Huntington Beach at No. 9 and Torrance at No. 10. Property crimes are more prevalent in Huntington Beach, with odds of 1 in 82 chance of being a victim, and violent crime chances of 1 in 923. It is the opposite in Torrance, with relatively low chances of being a victim of violent crime (1 in 1,167) and 1 in 72 odds of being a victim of property crime.

The least-safe mid-size city in America is Little Rock, Ark., with 3.6 times more total crime than the worst safe city on this list. The odds of being a victim of any crime in Little Rock are 1 in 21, with violent crime odds of 1 in 132, and property crime 1 in 25.

Overall, these 10 mid-size cities are quite safe, so if you’re looking to the suburbs or smaller cities for safety’s sake, the odds are in your favor in these cities.

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 8:00pm]


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