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Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis in 5 Easy Steps



By Natalie Wise

When it comes to sleeping well, a serene bedroom is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. But it seems too high a price to pay some days when the rest of the house is a mess, too. Here are five easy design tips to make creating an oasis in your bedroom a simple proposition, no DIY projects required.

Clear the Clutter
Clutter traps the brain into thinking about everything left undone. A proper sleeping environment is one that is free of the “stuff” of life. Clear the clutter and you clear your mind. So fold the laundry, or at least put the basket in the closet and close the door. A quick five-minute sweep before you go to bed will have you resting easy.

Keep Things Quiet
Color-wise, that is. Use a calming palette of neutral and natural colors. Think calming sky blue, sage green, and other soft colors. You want the mind to rest here, and bright colors will only activate your senses. Keep throw pillows, blankets, rugs and art soothing and restful. Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year, a soft pink and a soft blue, are perfect.

Texturize It
Create a soft, cozy haven in your bed. Plump up the pillows, fluff the comforter, add a quilt to the bottom and turn down the sheets. Soothe your senses by keeping everything plush and as comfortable as possible. This is no place for the pretty-but-scratchy throws.

Create a Sitting Area
Creating a small seating space with a chair and reading lamp invites relaxation. Cozy up with a cup of tea and a good read and you’ll be dreamy in no time. You probably already have a chair in your bedroom, so clear the laundry from it and set it up for snuggling.

Dim the Lighting
Light is one of our body’s cues to be awake. That’s why a focus on soft, dimmable lighting in the bedroom is ideal. They’ll help you transition to a good night’s sleep. Quick fix: Take that bright lightbulb out and go for a lower wattage.

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