Clearwater YouTube star poses as Lil Pump, pranks his way into rapper's Tampa concert


If you were standing outside the Ritz Ybor before the other night's Lil Pump concert and saw Lil Pump driving by on Seventh Avenue, bad news: You didn't really see Lil Pump.

You saw Jack Tenney, a YouTube and social personality from Clearwater.

Prior to the South Florida rapper's Nov. 30 concert at the Ritz, Tenney, a skimboarder and prankster whose JoogSquad channel has nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers, has makeup artists transform himself with makeup, pink hair dye and fake tattoos.

The clip (above) shows Tenney leaning out the window of a car, hollering Pump's catchphrase "ESKEETIT!" to fans up and down Seventh, sippin from a 7-Eleven cup and flashing a stack of cash while fans scream and run up to his car.

He fools a number of fans in line to see the 17-year-old Miami rapper, whose hit Gucci Gang is currently the No. 4 song in the country, but not all of them.

"He's too big to be Lil Pump," one fan says. "He's Big Pump."

Tenney manages to get into the back entrance, but is finally busted by Ritz management while snapping photos with fans in the main ballroom. Then it's back out on the street, where he continues snapping selfies with fans, dancing on cars and down the street as fans chase him with phones and cameras in hand.

"We came, we saw, we got inside," he said. "I say it's lit."

The clip did so well -- almost 2 million hits already -- that on Sunday he posted a follow-up wherein he went shopping at 7-Eleven as Lil Pump.