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Tampa Bay Times Executives


Tash, Paul .jpg
Paul C. Tash
Chairman and CEO
BROWN, neil.jpg
Neil Brown
Editor & Vice President

 Orsi, Jennifer.jpg
Jennifer Orsi
Managing Editor

Ron Brackett
Deputy Managing Editor/, Presentation

Amy Hollyfield
Deputy Managing Editor/Politics, Business

Nickens, Tim            08.jpg
Tim Nickens
Editor of Editorials


Joe DeLuca.jpg
Joe DeLuca
Vice President/Tampa Publisher, Publisher

FAULMANN, Bruce.jpg
Bruce Faulmann
Vice President/Advertising & Marketing

 Jana L. Jones
Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Sebastian Dortch
Human Resources Director

Ben Hayes
Operations Director

Ed Nicholson
Chief Information Officer


Sherri Day .jpg
Sherri Day
Communications and Grants Director

Kerry O'Reilly
Marketing Director