Dave Chappelle at the Oscars: Activism is a 'thankless, thankless job'

The comedian, in dark sunglasses, did a little stand-up.
Published March 4 2018
Updated March 4 2018

Comedian Dave Chappelle, in sunglasses, made his first appearance on the Academy Awards on Sunday (the Academy somehow had no love for Half Baked back in '98).

He introduced a song from Marshall, a film about a "personal hero" of his, Thurgood Marshall, sung by Common and Andra Day.

"In American life, there are these people who abandon comfortable circumstances and take on issues that are bigger than themselves," Chappelle said. "And that is a thankless, thankless job to take on.

"You never seen somebody in a car and went like, 'Damn, where you get that car from? I made a killing in activism."


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