Baby news from Busch Gardens: Check out the littlest rhino

Published October 20 2015
Updated October 20 2015

TAMPA — And on the fourth day, they took pictures.

Busch Gardens Tampa released the first photos of its newest Southern white rhinoceros on Tuesday, and from the looks of it, the kid is all right.

The still unnamed female calf was born to mom, Kisiri, on Oct. 16 in the theme park's birthing pavilion. Park officials said Kisiri's been nurturing her more than 100-pound babe, and they have confidence that she'll continue to do so after being reintroduced into the Serengeti Plain attraction. Nature watchers will have to purchase tickets to the Serengeti Safari inside the park to get a glimpse of the new addition.

This makes baby rhino number three for Kisiri and Tambo, who have been doing their best to raise the numbers of Southern white rhinos. There are a little more than 20,000 left in the wild.

Females of the species can weigh in 5,000 pounds, making them the second largest land mammals behind elephants.

Busch Gardens Tampa, 10165 N McKinley Drive in Tampa. Tickets start at $75 for weekday tickets and Serengeti Safari tickets start at $29. Visit for more.