Notable: Classics of black literature in new editions for Black History Month

Published February 1 2018


Landmarks of black literature

Penguin Classics publishes new editions of novels from the Harlem Renaissance to mark Black History Month.

Black No More (Penguin Classics) by George S. Schuyler is a 1931 comic satire about what happens after a "Black-No-More" procedure is invented that allows black people to become white.

The Blacker the Berry ... (Penguin Classics) by Wallace Thurman, first published in 1929, broke ground with its story about a young woman dealing with prejudice within the African-American community because of her very dark skin.

Not Without Laughter (Penguin Classics) by acclaimed poet Langston Hughes is a 1930 debut novel, largely autobiographical, about a young boy growing up amid the racial divisions in rural Kansas.

Colette Bancroft, Times book editor