On Brittany Gibbons’ nightstand, books about women and self-image rule

What's on Brittany Gibbons nightstand?
What's on Brittany Gibbons nightstand?


Brittany Gibbons

Humorist and plus-size model Gibbons has made promoting a positive self-image a life cause, going so far as to strip to her bikini in Times Square during a taping of Good Morning America a few years ago. The mother of three is also a blogger (Brittany, Herself) and author of two memoirs: 2015ís Fat Girl Walking and her new release, The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?). We caught up with Gibbons, 36, by phone Dec. 13 from her home office in Ohio.

Whatís on your nightstand?

Shrill by Lindy West. I have read it once, and Iím rereading it.

What was it that grabbed you to reread it?

She is incredibly relatable. I can feel the same pain, and she writes with such humor. I listened to it on audio first time around, actually. So this time I have a hardcover, highlighting it. Iím also reading Hunger by Roxane Gay.

Have you read Roxane Gay before? If not, what made you decide to pick her up now?

She keeps coming up on recommended book lists for me on the internet, and I follow her on Twitter. I also have her Bad Feminist, so Iím working backwards.

What advice do you have for raising girls to have strong self-esteem?

Itís hard to be a teenage girl today. I get to go into schools and talk to girls, and middle school and high school can be terrifying. Teenage girls need women to listen to them and give them advice and information that is applicable to their time in life right now. Girls need strong women in their lives.

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