Published March 2 2016
Updated March 2 2016


A world of women

In Women's History Month, three books look at the lives of women and girls, past and present.

American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers (Knopf) by Nancy Jo Sales examines the dramatic changes in how girls grow up today in an accelerated and sometimes perilous electronic environment; based on more than 200 interviews.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Private Life for Public Consumption (Bloomsbury) by Ellis Cashmore is a lively study not only of the iconic movie star's sometimes stormy life but of how she changed our ideas about celebrity as well as entering the business and political arenas.

Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World (Zest Books) by Laura Barcella combines profiles of influential women, from Mary Wollstonecraft to Beyoncé, with portraits, sidebars and memorable quotes.

Colette Bancroft, Times book editor