What's Kim Stolz reading?

Kim Stolz released Unfriending My Ex in June. Getty Images (2013)
Kim Stolz released Unfriending My Ex in June.Getty Images (2013)
Published July 24 2014


Kim Stolz

Since Unfriending My Ex was released in June, Stolz, a former MTV News correspondent and America's Next Top Model contestant, has heard many crazy stories concerning social networking mishaps. The book is Stolz's humorous take on how social networking has changed our society and on the pitfalls of obsessive connectivity. "Just last night at a signing a woman told me about how she was starting to get to know a new guy. They were texting back and forth, and she texted him at 2 a.m. telling him to come over to her apartment. It turned out she erroneously texted her dad,'' said Stolz, 31. The author holds a degree in government and intergovernmental politics from Wesleyan University and currently works as vice president of equity derivatives sales at Citigroup. We caught up with her by phone recently while she was in Los Angeles on book tour.

What's on your nightstand?

It's eclectic. I've got The Circle by Dave Eggers, who is great. I've got The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and I'm reading Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.

What made you pick up The Fountainhead?

I love the fantastical nature of it, and I love how she gets us thinking about awakening the spirt of individualism in people.

If you've started Flash Boys, do you like it?

It's about trading, and since I work on Wall Street it might be a guilty pleasure. It's good.

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